Shop decoration

Decorating a shop is a great way to attract customers’ curiosity. Give a new look and impetus to your business, choose shop decoration!

We offer:

  • Wall stickers or wall tattoos – cheap and simple solution to decorate your home, office, and shop.
  • One Way Vision Printing (perforated window wrap) for full window surface without limiting sight! Thanks to its perforated structure and one-side printing it helps to protect visibility without limiting at the same time the sight from inside.
  • Storefront decoration – Storefront decoration making of a customized or cut wrap. Window surfaces of shops and offices can be used as effective advertising spaces if we use them wisely. Even if the place it faces is not too crowded, it is worth to make use of the window surface because the advertisement is placed only once on it and afterward advertises the company’s activity for years.
  • Printed textile decoration – This is such a way of decoration that is firstly recommended for dress shops. Printed textile placed inside and hung in front of the window provides a sophisticated solution for storefront decoration.
  • Floor-, and sidewalk sticker – it can be used outdoor as well as indoor, it is an eye-catching advertising device.
  • Textile wallpaper printing: – A beautiful wallpaper material with structured surface and unique printing. It has paper- or textile-based quality and an exclusive look. You can choose from traditional or self-adhesive wallpapers.
  • Personalized blind, lamp-shell, furniture wrap, canvas print or drape that makes spaces new, friendly and unique.
  • Plexiglass separating walls

You can send your order to or can reach our colleague at the following phone number: 0746 100 891


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  • Door Decoration
  • Decorațiuni interioare
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  • Üzlet dekoráció
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  • Bannere calitate foto
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Our prices have decreased every year, while continuously increasing the size of our machinery park and the quality of our services

We work with short deadlines - our prints don’t require drying time and can be delivered and mounted immediately

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