Self-adhesive wrap, paper

Thanks to its wide use, the self-adhesive wrap is one of the most popular decorative tools. Depending on the application area it can be: digitally printed decorative wrap, windows graphics, coloured wrap that can be cut (in colored, transparent, reflective version, sandblasted, wrap with acid-bitten effect), 3D wrap for wrapping surfaces of different shapes and forms (eg. cars), or other type of wrap that is used in specific advertising media.

There are many types of self-adhesive stickers, vinyl with matte and shiny surface both have their advantages. While on the glossy surface photographed, saturated, contrasted, spectacularly glossy prints can be obtained, the matte provides beautiful non-glittering surfaces. This may be beneficial if the sticker is exposed to strong illumination and sunlight.

Another group of vinyl is 3D vinyl that is used to cover different shapes and forms. For example, to wrap cars and other tools but is also used to cover any other surface with large bends or embossings. This kind of vinyl can be stretched, so on special surfaces, it is easier to achieve a fine result with it.

The most important application areas of the vinyl:

Printing on Blue Back Paper
Its main application area is the poster printing that is composed of many parts. Its big advantage over the other papers is its blue back – from where its name comes – that allows new prints to be glued without removing the old one. The bottom graphic won’t set off on the top one. It is a long-wearing paper and relatively easy to stick as well.


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