Exhibition stands

Mobile exhibition stands are those tools with which your company and products can be represented anywhere in the world. That is why rising attention has an extremely important role. From this point of view, the qualitative design, distinctiveness, eye-catching exhibition decoration and adequately ‘dressed up’ stands are also very important. When decorating different events and stands there are some background walls regularly decorated as well. For this aim great tools could be the following: roll up, pop up, various counters, flyer and product holders with banner- or textile-based design.


You can send your order to office@colorpointadvertising.ro or can reach our colleague at the following phone number: 0746 100 891


  • kiállítási standok
  • Standuri metalice
  • Standuri expozitionale imprimate personalizate
  • Stand expozitional personalizat
  • Stand expo
  • Raft de expozitie
  • Kiállítási polcok
  • Roll Up Imprimat
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